Florida Initial Skills Review - Occupation Search

The purpose of this page is to assist jobseekers in finding a list of occupations they may qualify for based on the Initial Skills Review scores. If you have not taken the Initial Skills Review you cannot complete it from this page.  Please proceed to: https://www2.myflorida.com/fluid/ to complete the Initial Skills Review, file an unemployment compensation claim or claim weeks.

The Initial Skills Review may be used to develop a plan for referring jobseekers for training and employment opportunities.

Summary of Skills and Scores

Click the link below for a description of the skill area and scores:

Applied Mathematics
Reading For Information
Locating Information

Search Occupations - By Scores

Enter the jobseeker’s Initial Skills Review scores below to identify occupations for which the jobseeker may be qualified. N/S = No Score


Applied Math

Locating Information

Reading For Information